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This is Anna, Founder of JustScripts. She was born in Minnesota and grew up in Houston, Texas but her permanent home is in the beautiful city of  Fort Worth.  She shares her life with her two pups, Conan and Barbara and is perfectly fine calling them her only children.  Her true passion in life is her art (she's a sought after commissioned artist too!), making people laugh and changing other's lives for the better.

Anna began her career as an independent health insurance agent - constantly frustrated by the growing demand for med coverage but never finding the perfect plan that encompassed the best of both worlds.  Thus the adventure of finding a solution began and born out of that wave of exploration was JustScripts.  Taking this on as her one and only full time endeavor, you'll find yourself well taken care of with your medications.

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She has built an incredible team behind her and, with that, JustScripts is growing faster than ever anticipated.  Her team is steadfast, diligent and devoted to her cause.... lifers that will never leave.  She created a vision for the company that is very real and true and it's tangibility can only be measured by it's immediate success through the people it has served wholeheartedly.

We promise, you're in good hands.

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